Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beginning of School

I created these labels for my classroom library.

I used this form a few years ago for classroom management.

This schedule is a rough schedule of what students will be learning the first month of school.


  1. I wish I was as good as you are at leveling all your books. But, I tried it the summer before my first year and it was a total fail. Too many books and I got bored easily, haha!

  2. Over the years, I have gotten children to help me with that endeavor! They like to be on the computers before school is "officially" in session in the morning. Helps SO MUCH...also doesn't hurt that I moved classrooms three years ago, left my 250-or-so book collection behind, and was left with only about 50 books in my library! I have more NOW, but still wish I could have that expansive library again