Friday, July 6, 2012

Independent Reading STATION

This is the largest I could get this WORD doc. I made this a few years ago when our school started doing Literacy Workstations. My children use this menu as they are in the Independent Reading Station. Throughout the week, they must have one appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert question (at least) answered in their reading notebook for credit.

I am not a real stickler for grades, since I am more about the process of getting the kids to stay on task and ENJOY reading, but the possibility of a participation grade does motivate most.

While creating this menu, I took into account that not every child wants to answer the same questions at the same tiime as everyone else AND kids are all reading different things. So CHOICE is the key element!


  1. I LOVE this, is there any way I could gt a copy of this??

  2. Love this menu! Could I get a copy of it?

  3. Love this. Could I get a copy of it. Thank You! You could send it to my e-mail account: