Sunday, March 3, 2013

South Carolina BLOGGER!

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A few years ago, I attended a Middle School conference in Myrtle Beach on teaching and learning. I got an AWESOME idea that I revamped and brought back to my 5th graders. I am planning on teaching this to them in small group this week:

It's been that long since my last BLOG POST?!? Wow!

I have been super busy these days, but I promise a LOT has been going on in my 5th grade class~

Not much to show, picture-wise, but I played on something I saw on Pinterest to motivate my kids to do their very best on Tuesday's READING MAP Test! However, unlike the wonderful early-childhood teachers who used fabulous colored paper and cool fonts--I a m OUT of ink and the only supplies I have at home are good-old-fashioned index cards and a Blue Sharpie! Eh! it's works!!!