Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Classroom 2013-2014

View from Windows BEFORE
Back bulletin board space BEFORE

Here are the before and after pics of what I have done so far in my NEW school classroom! I am still in the process of moving into my new school and getting all of the excess furniture out of the way, but this is what I did the first day I was able:

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  1. I always get a new water bottle and a new lunch bag at the start of the year! My 31 lunch bag has seen better days! Last year I bought a Vera bag but it's not as big and doesn't keep things quite as cold but it looks cute with my teacher bag -- haha!

    I recommend a Tervis coffee mug! You can get a lid and it keeps your coffee hot! Plus, no sweating or leaking on your desk! Major bonus!

    Good luck with back to school,
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