Saturday, January 4, 2014

Covey "Begin with the End in Mind" Goal Activity

I saw a pin on Pinterest from an art teacher and revamped it for a new year's resolution/goals activity I am planning to do Monday morning prior to starting our day.

Original Idea

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  1. I would LOVE, LOVE your science and social studies power points for reviewing with my 5th grade kiddos over the next two weeks before the big, bad PASS Tests! Oh, and your PASS Test guide/overview document for parents & students, if possible. Thank you so much in advance if you are able to find the time to send me these. It is so wonderful of you to be willing to share the awesome resources you create! After reviewing the pp.'s, I plan to play this fun & interactive game with my class that I found here:
    It's called "Grudge Ball, and it sounds like an absolute blast! If you get a minute, check it out, as well as the comments left by other teachers who have tried it.
    Thanks again!